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Science, math, and medical editing

About ME

Hello and welcome!

 I'm Jackie Dulson, a full-time professional editor who would love to work on your next project.  I work with educational resources and journals. 

I speak geek!

As well as formal editorial training, I have a PhD in Biology and worked as a researcher.  My business is therefore focused on science, math, and medicine. 

A trusted colleague

I have worked on over 50 titles via repeat business with clients such as Nelson Education, Pearson Education, Scholastic, and McGraw-Hill Ryerson. I am on the List of Qualified Suppliers for substantive and copy editing for Open School BC and have Reliability Status from the CISD. 

Click the link below for details on my education and previous projects. 


My Services


How can I help you?

I can help with any of the editing services below, as well as cold-reading and writing. I primarily do developmental editing.  As an independent editor, you'll always work directly with me. 

Developmental Editing: helping bring your work from an outline or first draft to a submission-ready document or final pages. 

Copy-editing: improving sentence structure, grammar, and word usage; correcting spelling errors;. ensuring consistency and accuracy in tables, graphs, illustrations, formulas, or equations; checking references for accuracy, completeness, and style. 

Proof-reading: checking for errors in designed pages against the last edit. 


Cold reading: giving a final read-through to look for errors, without comparing to prior edits.

Writing: creating content, from an entire curriculum unit to a new activity, as well as reworking existing writing. I do not write or rewrite student work.

How much will it cost?

As each project is unique, quotes are provided only after I have seen a substantial sample of your manuscript and discussed your needs.  We will agree on budget, schedule, and specific services to be provided before work begins.

Ready for the next step?

If you think we'd make a good team, please get in touch! I will be happy to discuss any concerns. 

Contact ME

Send me a message if you are interested in working with me or have questions!

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