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Great work can be overlooked or taken less seriously if it is communicated with hiccups in the progression of ideas, distracting inconsistencies in sentence structure and word use, or errors in the nuts-and-bolts of grammar and punctuation. I can help you avoid that.

Editors Canada has detailed information on the tasks associated with the various levels of editing, as well as other terms used in publishing.


I offer three general levels of editorial service and a writing service.

1. The Big Picture: I can help you develop your manuscript from the outline or first draft through to a submission-ready document or final, designed pages (print or digital). This is developmental editing.

2. The Mechanics: I can help you correct the sentence structure, grammar, word usage, and spelling of your writing. As needed, I will also ensure any tables, graphs, illustrations, formulae, or equations are consistent, accurate, and meet a designated style (e.g., AMA or journal guidelines). I can check and revise reference lists for accuracy, completeness, and style. This is copyediting.


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3. The Final Polish: I can be the new set of eyes to check your document one last time before it gets published. I will check the designed pages against the last edit to make sure that any errors were corrected appropriately and that no new issues have arisen. This is proofreading.

4. Writing: If you need a hole filled in a chapter, a new activity in a science textbook, or a piece rewritten for a different audience, I can create or revise content. This does not include writing or rewriting any student work.

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